The MarryBlaire.com Story


In June 2004, I had an idea to put up a website for friends and family to help me with my search for a husband.  It was a few weeks before my 27th Birthday and I was ready to get married. 

The website said...

“I’m Ready to Get Married  -

Do You Know My Husband?”®?"

I found the HTML code for a countdown clock and added it to my Home Page for dramatic effect.  My Goal... To Be Engaged by December 2004.  I was kidding about the countdown clock and the deadline.  Thought it was fun, funny, and dramatic... plus I wanted my friends and family to take me serious in my search and help me find "the One" now!

I posted some goofy pictures of myself

This is how I’ll look when I meet my husband

This is how I’ll look when kissing my husband

This is how I’ll look when my husband asks me to marry him

Within 2 days of building the site

I started getting HUNDREDS,


of website hits and emails

from all over the world!

(I wasn't even done designing the website)

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to read some of emails I received)

The stats went from 50 to 1200 hits the first day, then 1200 to over 5,000 the next. 

I told a few friends about the site while I was building it - told them not to tell anyone since the site wasn't done - but someone must have "leaked it."




Within 2 Weeks, I was on telling my story on MSNBC




I was taking meetings with VH1 about doing

my own reality show to find my Husband


And was featured in the NY Times

Read The NY Times Article Here

Some of my other favorite interviews that explain the story

Star Ledger

Courier Post

I posted what I was looking for in a life partner

So...What Happened?

I thought I needed to be more proactive in my search, so I dated more men. 

Men who I would have never considered, but thought I would give it a shot (maybe I really was being too picky?) 

I went on one date a week, plus attended one singles event a week. 

Thousands of people were rooting for my success.  Thousands were inspired by my story.

People all over the world were emailing me - men and women - saying how they wanted to find their "One" too but were too afraid to share it with others and had no clue how to go about finding him/her.


 My journey to find my "One" became much bigger

than just me finding him...


I wanted to keep inspiring others.

I wanted them to believe it was possible.

I didn't want to let them down.. everyone was rooting for my success. 

So I kept dating and putting myself out there. 

I kept a positive attitude... through each boring date. 

I did tons of press interviews along the way... (over 100 Worldwide!)

And continued blogging about my dates, the pain I was feeling, my frustrations, and my new realizations about love.


Then, one day... 2 months into my public search

The Universe stepped in and showed me the way...


I had three life changing relationships... one right after the next.

All relationships that the Universe had brought to me...

No effort on my part.. and all brought to me organically

Then I met "my One"

A man who loved me and I loved him.  From day 1 we were pretty much married.  We loved each other, honored one another, had fun playing with one another, and moved in with one another.  It was my dream come true.  The relationship lasted 1 1/2 years.  Then the flow left our relationship and we broke up.

But, I was a changed woman.. it didn't affect me like other breakups.  Why?  Because I had found my true "One"

The "One" I was always looking for.

I had found myself.


Through my journey I learned a lot about dating, love, and relationships.

The way I went about looking for a mate and the way I had my relationship with him had changed forever.

I learned that attracting love is easy.

I learned how to flow with the dating process to bring "him" to me...

I learned how to use my internal power to make things happen.

I learned that love is all around me.

I learned how to truly love myself...

I learned that love is a journey.

...and I learned that the "One" is sooo much more than just finding a man.

Now, I share what I learned through my journey with you!


Welcome to my website  - and welcome to my teachings.


Welcome to a whole new way to attract love


An easier, more natural, flowing way...

This is what I call "The Spiritual Way to Attract the One"


I'm glad you're here

Continue to my main website,


Some of The Emails I Received From People

Living All Over The World


Within just 5 weeks, my site received

OVER 1 Million Hits

and OVER 100,000 Visitors


I've been monitoring your site since the summer. I can't believe it's the end of December already! You deserve a lot of praise for being brave enough to live life happily as a single attractive female. ....You are an amazing person who's broken the mould and realized that the rules we create for ourselves are silly....Thanks Blaire, for opening our eyes. - F

I think what you are doing is a great idea. A girl has to show some "get up and go" if she see something that she wants in her life....I'm so proud of you for what you are doing and the best of luck to you!!!!!  -m

I wanted to let you know that I just read your update and thanks for sharing what you did. Your words about still seeing "the teacher" as he was when you were together were extremely powerful. A lot of people (men and women) feel "scorned" when they are in the midst of a break-up and don't wait a minute before they are trashing the person on the other end of the break-up. Your realization that he is the same person is SO mature. Anyway, I'm sure you have tons of emails to read, I just wanted to let you know again how much I admire what you're doing. - l.

I'm writing this e-mail simply to show my support and encouragement for you...and to also thank you.  I've been seeing someone for the past month and a half, someone who I really like, a feeling that does not happen often for me at all, but unfortunately, although he is interested in me, he has not been showing enough interest - and I do not think he is falling for me in the same way I am falling for him.  So I thank you for your "updates" - they have really made me realize that I can not force a relationship to work, and that I should expect, and will, get everything I deserve and want in a relationship. I wish you the best in your search -t.

It's good to see a woman following her gut...instead of her heart (which could temporarily be sending out the wrong signals) - a


Heard your story on KNX1070 in Los Angeles, CA.  I was totally cracking up at the cleverness of your "plan."   - a

Hi! MI just saw your story on MSNBC. I am a captain in the US Army and am currently serving our country in Central Iraq. Some friends and I were intrigued by your story of getting engaged by December this year. Well I checked out your site and I was impressed with your openness and of course that winning smile : ) -j.

I love the 3 pictures of you showing how you'll react when you meet, kiss, and are proposed to your man. hilarious. - j

Wow?!*#@$!! I applaud your ingenuity and hope that works out for you. - j.

Wild, wacky, fun, ingenious, clever, creative and "queen of proactive" are just a few thoughts that come to mind.  You're a kick Blaire! - j

Nicely done.  I love it.  You're really cute, too. - s.

Damn--no love for the Gentile Boys. Good luck. Fun idea. - m

I'll marry you for a small fee.. NYC

That's a little freaky ;-) but brilliant --  F, NY


Only if I lived in NYC I would be able to let you fall in love with a guy like me you are very attractive, smart, well educated and defiantly know what you want. I wish you lived in Charleston, SC b/c I would defiantly be a great candidate for someone you would want to be with and spend lots of time with. I am very witty, make you laugh for hours……r

Liked the pictures. How about one, when you're having sex with your husband?!?!? – m.

I must say, your way of finding a soul mate is extreme but unique.  I, to be honest, am very impressed by your self-confidence.  The way in which you leave yourself so vulnerable for all the world to see, and yet do it so gracefully, is what gave me the courage to respond.  – c.

Amused and inspired and intrigued by your site! I love your site! Project Attract Manifest!  I know you’ll do it darling! – r.

I think what you're doing is great. It's spunky...and a little corny...but why not?  Good luck. Only nachas for you. - t.

Brillant idea and fun(k)y way to put it online. best of luck. i'm too old for you, so this is just to wish you the best. - t.

Your site -- and the "you" that comes thru it -- are way better than the piece in the NYTimes led me to expect. Looks like a great idea, and I am absolutely confident that it will work for you. Mind you, it could not have done so if you weren't as intelligent, interesting, and attractive as you are on your own. But combining an essentially sale-able "product" (you) with an aggressive, and clever, outreach plan like your website, I don't see how you can fail. - a.

I'm not your guy but wish you all the best.  I'm old enough to be your Dad. But I like your spunk. I hope you find a good guy.  - R

..it's E., from Rome, Italy... unfortunately i can't be your husband since I'm

already married ...but I just wanted to say to you...you're so nice, funny and full of positive energy!!!

I'm writing from Milan (Italy!!) and for this reason I think I couldn't aim to be your husband.... I hope you will realize all your wishes and life give to you a lot beautiful colors…You got inside something that a Brazilian friend of mine call "brillo", in English means genial and creative....,

something you got inside and nobody can teach! ..I'll follow your updates in the web site, good luck again... Ciao e un grosso bacio - P

what can I say about your idea??? It's simply wonderful! You're a genius! A lot of compliments. You look really nice and I can hope to find a girl the same as you. I don't write you to become your husband, I'm from Italy and probably we couldn't meet... - g.

I'm P. from Milano Italia , 33y.o. , height 178 cm, black hair, blue eyes.your idea is like a message in a bottle......and i've found the bottle!!!!!  and what's inside the bottle?? .......your heart!

I think this is really clever and I think you are gorgeous. Let me look around - e

Hysterical! I love it. It's "you."  - a

I think your idea is fantastic - who cares how you find the right man - as long as you find him, that's key. I'll keep my eyes out for anyone - though I'm searching for the right man too - a jewish one as well - lol. Needless to say - your website is fabulous and I'm all about new ways to meet people! - n

My friend passed your website onto me and I had to take a look. I was so impressed! I must admit, at first I was a little skeptical, but you really seem like a great catch-I'm sure you'll find that special someone.    I'm also writing to tell you I wish I could get you and my Dad together. He's older (50), but he is quite a stud! Extremely loving, educated, successful, great sense of humor, spontaneous and he's Jewish! Just recently broke off an engagement, now single and searching for love..so I had to forward your website to him.    I've included a picture of him-maybe he'll make man of the week?!  Anyway, good luck in your search and I'll be checking in to see your progress!! - c

I love what you have put together here.  : )    I mean it is a great way to screen guys. It doesn't come off as aggressive just available and people need to know that.  I am pretty much in the same boat as you.  Have great things to offer but I am not the club type..etc..etc..so I say go for it girl and Good luck.  - d

GOOD LUCK!  I'm feeling your pain and i'm only 24!  - m

I am NOT your husband, In fact I'm a Black Episcopal woman, who thinks you're an absolute hoot! I LOVE that you are being totally unreasonable and committed to your cause, and that my dear is exactly why you'll achieve your goal. With only knowing what I read about you on your site I totally support your efforts and if I run across any new nice Jewish

guys- other than my current allotment of friends who I will be sending to your site, I will pass your info along. You are an inspiration to me and many others. You can't get what you don't ask for, right??!!! –k

You go girl!  I felt compelled to write.  I think you will find your man....but not the way you think. …. My advice to you....You are young, smart, pretty & very courageous.

Enjoy life....he will come to you! J –

You are true inspiration to all of us in your boat. Absolute best of luck. You go girl! – l.

Your grabbing life by the horns and going for it.  I think your site is a great idea and it's different.  Good luck. - c.

Way to speak the truth. I am 28 and in the exact same boat. These days I have to lore in a man with the idea that I am not interested in commitment and hide the fact that I really am. I secretly jump up and down because maybe he is "the one" (God forbid he find out, that would scare him away off!) Great website and inspiring to yearning women. Maybe we all can cut the bullshit, some of us want to get married pronto tonto and men better get used to it! - r.

i think a lot of guys are going to be intimidated by you, but what better way to see who can handle the competition! - a.

I am so impressed with your chutzpah!! I also believe that if you put what you want out there, you will get it. Knowing what you want and being clear is 99% of the battle. That is how I met my sweetie- I put what I wanted, very specific, in an on-line personal ad. 3 years later, still very in love, we are about to buy a home together! Good luck! We are cheering for you!  - J and L

You go girl!  Your grabbing life by the horns and going for it.  I think your site is a great idea and it's different.  Good luck. - c.

I am a 24 year old woman living in Manhattan (also originally a Jersey girl.)  I completely understand your sitch. I am single... and I know it's hard to meet men in this city. Going out to bars is overrated & tiring & who wants to meet their prince that way anyhow?

I think you are very brave & honest. Mazel tov! - C.

I think your site is incredible!  You're so brave for putting yourself out there.  I seriously hope that you meet your husband and that you're engaged soon.  Normally, I would be put off by a woman who puts herself on display like this, but you seem so sincere (and you're so stinkin' cute!) that I can't help but wish you the best!  (And if any of your potentials are a little older than what you have in mind, and they're not insistent on marrying Jewish, I'm available!) - c.

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He should be honest, romantic, sensitive, creative, quirky, and of course good-looking!  ** And he must be Jewish.  Although I do not consider myself religious I would like to become more involved with the Jewish traditions and it is important for me to keep with my family's tradition.  My future husband should be spiritually and emotionally developed.  Witty, confident, intelligent and a go-getter.  Since I run my own company I would love to be with a man who is as motivated and driven as I am.  Graduate degrees are a plus! 

You should work out and enjoy taking care of your body.  I would love a man who can lift with me at the gym (I used to be a personal trainer!) as well as hike with me in the woods - I love the outdoors!  He lets his beauty shine and is proud of who he is.  He loves his life and can't wait to get me in it!  A true nice guy - a leader....my king.